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Closed on the Land and Started Clearing!

Can you believe it? We closed on the 6 acres on Ridge Road in Glenville! Everything went relatively smoothly, and now…

I visited the property for the first time as the official owner, and started surveying and clearing the land. Funny part about it is that I started surveying and found that one of the property borders (the North side) has a stone wall the entire way up, so I won’t have to survey that. That will save me a TON of time.

I started marking where the driveway will be and realized there is a huge birch tree right smack dab in the middle of where we’re planning on building. We’ll have to revisit the plot plan. Which is right here, by the way…

It might be hard to read, as I have my own convention, but here is my best explanation…

  1. Black = driveway
  2. Yellowish Orange lines = 10 foot contour lines (yes… a steep hill in the back)
  3. Gray lines = 1 ft contour lines
  4. Green area = trees and brushed cleared
  5. Red area = only brush cleared (keeping trees)
  6. Red box (lines) = garden
  7. Blue areas = pool and pond
  8. Brownish orange lines = septic area
  9. Light gray thick lines = temporary fence for pleasing Amanda (fenced in area so kids can play). I don’t think we need fences (other than around the pool)
  10. Black lines = pool fence
  11. Light blue lines = detached garage / shed / poolhouse (it’s hard to see… just North of the pool)
  12. And of course, green lines = house outline

So like I said, I started clearing today. I cleared about 20 feet of the driveway (driveway is about 20 feet wide). So, I cleared 400 sq.ft. in the matter of about an hour. Check out the pictures…



I know it doesn’t look like much, but it was a pain in the butt with the machete. Yes, I’m clearing it by hand. We’ll see how long this lasts. For now, I’m going to ice my back 🙂