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Bought the Land!

It’s been 2 months since I posted on this blog, basically because nothing much has happened. I’ve been trying out different design ideas, but haven’t really moved on the Bolt Rd. property.

Bolt Road was nice, but honestly we really weren’t in love with it, and it didn’t offer much Southern exposure, so we decided to pass. Actually, let me say this… Amanda really is the ying to my yang, as I wanted to buy the property but she kept insisting it’s not what we’re looking for and we shouldn’t compromise.

Let’s just say this is the second time she’s been right.

We found the perfect property. It’s close, it’s almost 6 acres, it’s as wooded as we want it to be, it has a small creek running through it, and it backs to permanently wooded (hunting) land. Ohh yeah, and the price is lower than anything else we’ve looked at! So we went, walked on the property, and fell in love.

It’s on Ridge Rd. in Glenville. It’s about 3 minutes away from Scotia Glenville High School, yet, you stand on the property and it feels like you’re in the middle of the Adirondacks. Complete with tons of deer and other woodland creatures. The neighbors said deer walk up to their back porch all the time. Ohh, and the best part? 2/3 of the property is flatter than a board – perfect for building. And the other 1/3 is an awesome sledding / skiing hill! No kidding, Amanda and I walked through this property and I think it was hard for us to leave it.

So we put in an offer yesterday, and come to find out 2 other people did as well. So we did the multiple offer thing and guess what…


No kidding… we’re now the proud owners (or will soon be after closing) of 5.9 acres of wooded property in Glenville.

Now time to start clearing 🙂